Who am I

So lately I got asked to write about the most important thing about me. Soo..

I believe that the most important thing about me is, that I never tried to be someone I am not. In the world today there is so much negativity. Young girls are comparing themselves to the models on social media.

The truth is that in the world of the internet everything is fake. I am not even talking about the photoshop etc. I mean people post pictures of mostly positive moments like for example hanging out with their friends, while, in reality, they might be very unhappy and suffer from being lonely.

We post pictures on social media waiting for likes and comments, hoping for acceptance. I have been there. Thinking for hours before I even post a picture to be sure that I will get accepted from my peers. At this point, we can not even be sure if our friends are real. There is o much hurting each other and gossiping especially in the teenage world.

That is why I stopped acting. Earlier I felt the pressure of always “wearing a mask” and “being happy” while I was crying inside. I finally have the courage of showing my emotions. When I am sad, I am just sad. I am not pretending anymore. I thought to show our emotions is a weakness but I found out it is actually the opposite. You know they say “ a friend in need, is a friend indeed”. While we are being ourselves not hiding anything can finally meet real friends who will stick with us forever. I think this is the most important thing about me. I am me. I am not fake.

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