Something new

Like I said before, Coronavirus won’t make it easy for us to practice our hobbies. Still, it’s the time to at least try. I decided to start something I always hated but knew that will be good for me…


Don’t get me wrong, I really like sports etc. Cardio just never was a friend of mine.

I know this will keep me healthy and make my condition better still, I never had the time and the strong will to do it. 

Since I literally have nothing better to do because of the “epidemic” I gave it a try. 

It’s been two weeks from my very first “run” or should I call it a walk?

Since I never did it before I downloaded an app to help me out. It really did, since it made a lot of intervals. With the time it makes me run more, walk less. The goal after 30 days is to run for 30 minutes straight with no breaks.

I have no clue how I’m going to do this but I’ll try. 

Something that keeps motivating me is the fact that I own two dogs. I still need to go for a long walk with them so why not just connect these two activities. 

Now, why am I talking about jogging in this post? 

I want to motivate you guys to try to overcome your fear or to just be active. Even when it’s hard.

You can do it.

We can do it.<3

6 thoughts on “Something new

  1. Cardio was never my thing either… I do walk however. Now with the quarantine only 30 minutes a day before I walked at least two hours daily.


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