All about You

Hi there ❤

I hope You are all well.

So I used the past couple of days to read as many blog posts as possible and I am so inspired. I love how passionate and sometimes even emotional You are about the topic You write about.

I am trying to leave as many comments as possible to tell You how beautiful your writing, your art, your music, etc. is.

I ended up ordering three books, adding a lot of movies and several series to my list and creating a brand new playlist with tons of podcasts You all recommended. 

So What I want to say threw this post is THANK YOU. Not only for your passion for art, sports, poetry, books, movies or thousands of other topics, but thank you for sharing it. 

If You’re new here, just like I am, I want You to know that it won’t be easy for us. Just don’t give up because all of the posts I read were beautiful. It will take time for people to realize it.

But they will

So yesterday I was looking for some nice poetry and I literally cried reading one poem over and over again.


I swear it was beautiful. Katy if you’re reading this I’m begging You never stop writing.

My point is that we should all support each other.

We are not only here to write our own blog but to meet new people and their opinions about topics we are passionate about. 

So go search for topics you love and read about what others have to say. It’s really worth the bit of time. Maybe You’ll get inspired. Or meet people all over the world with a similar point of view.

Have a great time ❤

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