A message to the ones who left us

People come and go.

That’s the sad truth.

Either we’re talking about an ex-lover; ex-friend or just somebody that we used to know. Some just disappear from our life.

Sometimes it hurts; sometimes we might be relieved. But it always has an impact on who we are and who we become.

A perfect example would be a girl, I know since I remember. We were best friends spending every possible moment of our lives together. We were like twins for at least 10 years.

she changed.

I changed.

We changed.

We stopped having common interests and topics to talk about. The point is I haven’t talk to her for at least two years now although she lives right above me… It’s sad but true.

In this post, I wanted to tell you that things like this happen and will happen to us. It’s just something we can’t control.

We grow up. We change.

If you ever lost a friend or survived a breakup, You know that it can be painful. But it still is something that creates the person that we’re meant to be. It is something that will lead us to our future.

Every single day, every person we talk to, every hobby we practice has an impact on our future selves.

So I wanted to tell this girl living above me, even though she probably won’t read this, thank you for this hard but beautiful lesson ❤

7 thoughts on “A message to the ones who left us

  1. Hi, I like that. Looking back over the many decades I can see how that has happened. In my last blog post I have this amazing quote by CS Lewis about ‘mere mortals’ Do a search for that quote. It’s powerful.

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  2. It’s not just friends, it happens in families, too. We grow up and grow apart. Sometimes the change is a real blessing. We achieve more when the toxicity other people inflict on our lives is gone. When we lose one who had a positive gift to bring to us it does hurt. However, the capacity to feel that hurt, learn from it and be more kind moving forward is part of the gift God gives us through that person. Just as the exit of a toxic person leaves us tired but with higher awareness and knowledge about how to deal with that kind of person and situation in the future.

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