The way to gain our courage

We start from nowhere.

We end looking back at our life and being proud of what we achieved.

Small steps every day.

There are so many things I’d like to try, do, etc. but I don’t have the courage.


Every single day is an opportunity for us to make a tiny move to reach our goals.

So as I said in a post before I haven’t told my friends about this blog. I slowly started changing that.

Another example of a goal I want to reach would be my music. My biggest passion since forever is singing and playing the guitar but I never had the guts to publish any of my covers or own songs.

Baby steps. I showed some of them to a friend.

I want to encourage you to start today.

Start now.

Courage is not something impossible.

It’s not something that will just come.

We need to gain it. So if you don’t feel ready to jump right in just start with baby steps.

4 thoughts on “The way to gain our courage

  1. I felt that. I think that probably everyone experiences a thing like this at some point so it’s a good thing that you let them know, they are not alone in this. Good article, good message! 🙂

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  2. Anything that sits deep in our hearts as something we’d like to do, we already have all it takes to do 😊😊 Knowing this, without any doubt, awakens courage and helps with the baby steps.

    Wishing you success and joy! 💖

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  3. Can definitely relate! As an introvert, I was terrified to publish my first novel and see my latest stageplay performed, but when something is that important to you, you swallow the fear of criticism and push forward. And doing the first “impossible” makes the next “impossible” all the more possible. 🙂

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