Just a week

At the beginning of this journey (which was literally a week ago) starting this blog was a hopeless experiment.

I was sure, that I’ll write some posts but no one besides maybe my grandma will read it ( love You, grandma).

In these seven days, I gained over 100 followers which are literally over 100 more then I expected.

I am trying to write back to every single comment still I wanted to say Thank You.

They say people are more likely to share negative statements and critics. Meanwhile, I received so many positive and delightful reflections. Sometimes I had even tears in my eyes.

So to to everyone who gives me the two minutes of your time:

I wanted to say a huge Thank You.

So if You see this blog through WordPress and You own Your own blog then I wanted to tell You,

You shouldn’t stop,

Because it’s worth it.

Don’t stop.


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