school during the epidemic

So I believe by now almost everyone has school online.

Asking around my friends from different schools and different countries I found out that even though the system of video chats with the teacher and an online platform is similar the amount of tasks is really diverse.

I know that quarantine has been going on for some time now but we are still getting used to the new reality.

Once Again I won’t tell you a million facts and suspicions about the future of COVID 19, because I am definitely no specialist.

But I believe that we need to get used to it and talk to the teachers if we get too much or to little materials.

We students need to remember that they’re new to this too so they also have to figure some things out. F. ex the amount of tasks they give us.

I know it can be hard to not be able to meet our friends or go to some kind of parties but we’ll survive ❤

2 thoughts on “school during the epidemic

  1. We are experiencing the new normal! Who’d have thought we’d want to go to school and have homework? Online tuition is fine for now but it’s only a substitute of the real thing.

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    1. You’re absolutely right, what I mean is just that I don’t think anyone can tell how long the quarantine is going to last. It might be a long time. So even though it’s obviously a substitution of the real thing we kinda need to be patient and maybe even get used to it for now. Until we can get back to school etc.❤️


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