Who are we

So (damn I really have to stop with beginning my posts with “so”) You might have noticed my nick at the blog is “WHO ARE WE”.

I realised that I never spoke about this question.

You know when You sometimes meet someone new either through work, through parties, or even through the internet we often ask questions to get to know them.

A good example is a question if a person is an extrovert or an introvert.

See I don’t believe in this. In my opinion, this question can not be truly answered.

You might wanna add “rather” to it.

I think that there are no people who are 100% extroverted or introverted.

Obviously I do not know every person in the world to be sure of this thesis but lots of people who I do know pretty well tell me that even though they are f. ex. really outgoing and sociable they do like spending some time just to take care of themselves.

I DO NOT say this makes them introverted or something like this. I just mean if You ask yourself this simple question are you able to answer it 100 percent correctly choosing just one answer? 

Once again I am just a teenage girl so It’s really possible that I am mistaken. But that is how I see it for now.

So share with me how You feel about this ❤

13 thoughts on “Who are we

  1. Hi, I’m enjoying reading your thoughts and I think discovering who we are is the most important work of our lives. I am an old and very average woman but fortunately I can still remember being young. I am always blown away by the unique beauty of every individual – their gifts, personalities, quirks and flaws.
    Did you ever read What a piece of work is man by Shakespeare? I think people have the capacity to be amazing but sometimes life knocks you off track – and you lose who you were meant to be. I know I spent the better part of ten years sorting out who I really was – the woman behind the masks.
    Well this is long – but I just wanted to encourage you to keep asking questions, keep seeking.

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    1. This is such an amazing comment it got me really emotional. Thank u for taking the time to read what I have to say. I think by the Shakespeare reading you mean is Hamlet (if I’m not mistaken) and I’ll make sure to read it as soon as possible. What you said about “the woman behind the mask” is exactly what I want to share with the world. Mean while for example the question “how are you” got just an habit and we sometimes feel like we’re expected to say we’re fine even if we’re not. It’s some kind of a routine. The problem appears when we start to lose ourselves in the different faces we wear. We start to “act” 24/7 and we forget who we really are. We don’t know it anymore. So the point of my blog is just to tell people (even of it’s just a small amount of readers I have) that they’re not alone. It’s just such a huge amount of lies in real life and on the internet that we have no idea ho we can really trust. I just want to be honest that’s all.
      Once again thank you for your beautiful comment❤️


      1. Yes, I meant the passage in Hamlet.
        I went for so many years wearing a mask of who I thought I had to be that my face was actually sore – I guess it was rubbing across realitu too much by that point. It was hard work getting to the real woman underneath – and scary. There is a huge risk involved in being real.

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  2. There is no such thing as introvert or extrovert. You become what your life experiences and your environment make you. Then you add up your goals and day to day decisions. There are too many factors involved. You inspired me to write an entire blog post on it. I’ll get back to you on this one.

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    1. I am really really glad if I inspired you. I agree with your opinion on how there is no such thing. Everyday decisions are building who we are today. Who we are right now. Still I really hear this question a lot .
      Thank you for your time to read this ❤️


      1. I am really sorry I had this post “planned” like I wrote it some days ago and it was supposed to publish itself and I completely forgot to ask You. ❤ I'm Glad You're ok with that<3


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