“There are too many factors”

Literally re-reading my last post I thought that I should do a whole series of posts asking who we are.

I mean it’s such a powerful and important question but still, the sad truth is that we don’t really know the answer.

Well sadly I’m not always an optimistic person and lately, I asked myself “what’s the point of life”. I didn’t have an answer then but looking at it now after some time and after reading beautiful comments on this topic I believe that the point of life is to figure out who we are.

NOT who someone else thinks we are, 

NOT what we’re pretending to be,

NOT how “perfect” we are case we aren’t.

But who we really are.

And to answer this question I think we would have to write down every single thought, every single thing we do or every single thing we like or hate.

It’s not possible to answer it in one sentence.

I can say “ I love music and photography” this sentence is correct but it’s not who I am. It’s a PART of who I am.

I want to quote @thesevengoblets (https://thesevengoblets.wordpress.com/) who wrote me a beautiful comment:

“…You become what your life experiences and your environment make you. Then you add up your goals and day to day decisions. There are too many factors involved…” 

So I’ll probably talk about passion, problems, friendship, and many different factors in the future and I will tell You, that all these factors are creating who we are and who we become. ❤

3 thoughts on ““There are too many factors”

  1. We are what we believe in and we are WHAT WE ARE HEADING FOR. Along with the whole load of past experiences we carry on our shoulders. Go for it! Write about all these beautiful and sometimes difficult things. You are doing great

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